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Problems Solved: IIAT's Consultants Can Help Your Agency Overcome Common Roadblocks

Running an independent insurance agency is difficult work. You solve one problem, two more pop up. Maybe your sales leads are shrinking. Maybe your agency’s technology is giving you more headaches than solutions. You know your agency is brimming with potential. You could accomplish bigger things, if only you knew how to remove the roadblocks.

We know how. We have seen—and we have solved—almost every problem an independent insurance agency will face. Let our team of savvy, seasoned insurance professionals help. Together, we’ll figure out what to do next.

Problems We Solve

Slow Growth

If you’re not attracting enough customers, we can help. Let’s discover how to maximize your sales culture, strengthen your pipeline, retain your current customers, expand specific lines of business, and enhance your advertising efforts.

Lack of Strategy

Strategic planning isn’t just an exercise you do every few years; it’s integral to your long-term success. We’ll lead your team through a detailed, practical strategic planning experience.

Profitability Challenges

We’ll help you understand what is impacting your profitability. This usually includes finding opportunities to increase revenue, reduce expenses, and better manage your finances and growth.

Low Productivity

If your agency isn’t as productive as it should be, we’ll look for ways to improve efficiencies, streamline workflows, and develop a continuous improvement culture that implements a problem-solving model.

Finding and Keeping Great Talent

There are countless staffing issues we can help you fix—including recruiting, onboarding, training, retaining your best employees, and developing leaders. We have the experience to help develop highly engaged cultures.

Technology Gaps and Miscues

Technology can be your agency’s best friend, but only if you get it right. We’ll show you ways to improve your data integrity and security, select the tools you need, and use them efficiently.

Starting an Independent Agency

Simply put, we can help you launch an independent insurance agency.

How can we help?

The sooner you reach out to IIAT, the sooner we can roll up our sleeves and get to work.

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