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Stage Set for Texas Legislative Session

The stage is now completely set for the Texas Legislature. We just passed the 60th day of session when House Members and Senators can no longer file bills.

There were more bills filed this legislative session than in any other session on record. Members filed 8,101 pieces of legislation this year, which is about 950 more than 2021, and 400 more than the next highest year. The previous record was 7,609 bills filed in 2009.

These numbers do not include simple resolutions where a member is honoring the little league baseball team or a local business for being open for 50 years – these are actual pieces of legislation that IIAT reviews to see how it lines up with our business model.

There are over 1,200 bills that touch statutes IIAT follows – more than 300 are in the insurance code. Since there is no way each member can read and comprehend all the bills in their committees, it is incumbent on lobbyists like IIAT's Government Affairs staff to educate them.

What does this have to do with IMPACT?

Just this week, Lee and I needed to visit with a member regarding a piece of legislation. We contacted the office, made an appointment, and were able to sit down with the member (not the staff) and have an in-depth conversation. We have a pre-existing relationship with this elected official because of our financial commitment to his campaign. That’s not to say the member will take the action we’re hoping, but at least we had the opportunity to explain our position.

Giving to IMPACT assists in the election of business-friendly candidates and helps us create a relationship with key legislators that we’ll need down the road – just like in the situation I explained above.

All the money raised for IMPACT goes to fund candidates we feel will be good for the IIAT business model and small business in general. If you’d like to help us engage these elected officials, please consider giving to IMPACT.

Every little bit helps. Many members give thousands of dollars each, and it’s really appreciated! But, if you are only able to give $50 or $100, trust me, it helps amplify our message.

As always, if you have any questions about IMPACT, how to donate, or how we use the funds, please do not hesitate to contact me, Regan Ellmer, at 512.493.2454.

NOTE: The Texas Ethics Commission has strict prohibitions on contributions and expenditures and forbids a corporation or labor organization from making a political contribution or political expenditure. Therefore, IIAT members wishing to make a contribution to IMPACT must do so with a personal or partnership contribution. Corporate contributions are prohibited by law.

Make an IMPACT

Help IIAT’s Government Affairs team build and maintain strong relationships with politicians who write and pass these bills.

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Regan Ellmer

Director of Government Affairs
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Lee Loftis

Chief Legislative Officer