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IIAT Members Making an IMPACT: Rep. Mary Ann Perez

State Representative Mary Ann Perez (D-Houston)
Owner, Perez Insurance Agency

Her start in insurance

State Representative Mary Ann Perez | IIAT Member

Representative Mary Ann Perez graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Houston-Downtown in 2003. The mold scare in Texas forced many insurance agencies out of the state in the early 2000s, and when they returned, many agencies were looking to hire insurance agents. A friend encouraged Mary Ann to look into the opportunity.

She met with a representative from Farmers, completed all the necessary training, and became an agent in February 2004. Mary Ann then opened Perez Insurance Agency in March 2004 and has been operating ever since. She has been an IIAT member since 2017.

Her career in politics

Before running for state representative, Mary Ann was elected to the Houston Community College Board of Trustees and later serve as the chair. Prior to chairing the HCC Board, she was president of her neighborhood civic association and an avid volunteer at her sons’ schools and youth sports programs.

Mary Ann decided to run for state representative in 2012 because she "saw an opportunity to help the community and a need for more Latino representation." She served one term but was defeated in her 2014 re-election campaign by 152 votes.

Never one to back down, Mary Ann ran again in 2016, won by almost 6,000 votes, and has since faced little opposition. She did not have any challengers in the 2022 primary nor will she face any challenger in the November general election.

Representative Perez believes Texas leadership should represent Texans and is proud to serve as State Representative of House District 144. She is the first woman and person of color elected to represent the district.

During her time in the Texas House, Representative Perez has served on the following committees:

  • Pensions, Investments, and Financial Services*
  • Transportation*
  • Appropriations
  • Special Purpose Districts (Vice Chair)
  • Energy Resources
  • International Relations & Economic Development
  • Economic & Small Business Development
  • Economic Development Incentives, Select
  • International Trade & Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Rules & Resolutions

*current committee appointments

Why donating to IMPACT is important

“Giving to IMPACT is important because it supports pro-business candidates who keep insurance agents’ interests in mind. The connection between legislators and groups like IIAT is an important one. Legislators often rely on industry professionals to understand key issues,” said Representative Perez.

Make an IMPACT

Help IIAT’s Government Affairs team build and maintain strong relationships with politicians who write and pass these bills.


Contact Regan Ellmer at 512.493.2454.

NOTE: The Texas Ethics Commission has strict prohibitions on contributions and expenditures and forbids a corporation or labor organization from making a political contribution or political expenditure. Therefore, IIAT members wishing to make a contribution to IMPACT must do so with a personal or partnership contribution. Corporate contributions are prohibited by law.

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Regan Ellmer

Director of Government Affairs