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Watch Now - COVID-19 Silver Linings: Positive Things to Come Out of the Pandemic copy

It’s been a year since COVID turned our world upside down, and though nobody can argue it was a good thing, there have been some positive practices to come out of the pandemic. We’ve been forced to adapt and find new ways of staying connected, serving customers, and keeping our businesses running. Join Marit and your industry peers to hear about the positive practices they’ve discovered and are keeping once the pandemic is behind us. Also, labor attorney Ann Price, Partner at Boulette Golden & Marin, L.L.P., will discuss the HR-related dos and don’ts for your agency’s vaccine policy.

Coming May 13 (10-11 AM) - Anatomy of a Website: Why Your Audiences Aren’t Engaging (More) Online

If you had an employee who worked 24/7, only said what you told them to, and never took a vacation, you’d be thrilled, right? Disturbed and confused, yes, but also thrilled. That’s your website. Or at least it should be. Designed and built well, and maintained wisely, your website has the potential to be your single greatest salesperson. But sadly, most websites remain lackluster, unimaginative, or even technically buggy. In this session, you’ll discover countless ways in which your website might be failing you, your customers and potential customers —combined with specific, simple ways to repair them. This session isn’t designed for tech wizards (or even tech novices). Instead, anyone who cares about their organization's website can learn, quickly and concretely, what to fix and what to keep.

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