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Watch Now - Anatomy of a Website Why Your Audiences Aren’t Engaging (More) Online

In this episode, you’ll discover countless ways in which your website might be failing you, your customers and potential customers —combined with specific, simple ways to repair them. This session isn’t designed for tech wizards (or even tech novices). Instead, anyone who cares about their organization's website can learn, quickly and concretely, what to fix and what to keep.

Coming June 10 (10-11 AM) - Effective Insurance Growth & Marketing Tactics for 2021 and Beyond

While service is most often talked about in agencies, sales are the true lifeblood. In this episode, Marit and Robert McCarthy, an Executive Lines Broker with Risk Placement Services, discuss the tactical details on gaining new agency customers using a modern and consultative approach. Adapting agencies to a modern sales process and methodology will improve results and create a repeatable pattern for future staff.

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Marit Peters

President & Executive Director