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Why An RLI Home Business Insurance Policy Is a Pretty Sweet Deal

Your candy and confection business customers have it pretty sweet – their lives revolve around creating, packaging and selling sugary delights to an eager clientele of all ages.

Those customers could hit a sour note, though, if their confection-making supplies are stolen from their car, a power outage results in melted merchandise or a candy catastrophe occurs at their booth during a local festival.

Typical homeowners insurance may not cover incidents such as these, which is why a home business insurance policy from RLI is the icing on the cake of coverage related to:

  • Business personal property (equipment, inventory and supplies) and business-related liability exposures
  • Lost income
  • Losses or damage from business activities conducted at the business owner's home or off-site at another location
  • Business property while in transit
  • Liability coverage when performing business-related activities at someone else's residence.

With liability limits up to $1 million and business property protection up to $100,000 (with a $250 deductible), an RLI Home Business Insurance policy provides valuable coverage for incidents that could otherwise lead to some bitter results for your customers' candy and confection businesses. Make sure they're aware of how sweet it is to be properly protected.

To learn more about RLI’s Personal Umbrella and Home Business Insurance policies, contact Connie Gomez, RLI Account Manager at IIAT.

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