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Why Professional Organizers Need an RLI Home Business Insurance Policy

Professional organizers are all about the details. From clearing out closets and decluttering drawers to organizing offices and rearranging rooms, their job is to create order out of chaos.

But one detail they may be missing is the importance of home business insurance. A professional organizer’s workbag can include expensive supplies that need protection from theft, fire or breakage, so it’s important they have all their ducks in a row to protect themselves against financial losses.

An RLI Home Business Insurance policy provides coverage related to:

  • business personal property (equipment, inventory and supplies) and business-related liability exposures
  • lost income
  • business property while in transit

With liability limits up to $1 million and business property protection up to $100,000 (with a $250 deductible), an RLI Home Business Insurance policy provides valuable coverage at affordable rates.

Cut through the clutter with your professional organizer customers. Let them know that an RLI Home Business Insurance policy is the best way for them to keep their business shipshape.

To learn more about RLI’s Personal Umbrella and Home Business Insurance policies, contact Connie Gomez, RLI Account Manager at IIAT.

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