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Agency Management Forum Preview: How to Minimize E&O Risk on Your Website

Your agency’s website is your “business card” to the world. Well managed, it can be the cornerstone of your operational and marketing strategy. If not, it can and will be used to strengthen a claimant’s E&O case against you. The Swiss Re Corporate Solutions claims team has seen seemingly harmless content on agency websites, such as wording emphasizing competitive advantages or certain expertise, very quickly and unintentionally increase the agency’s standard of care resulting in a higher duty than normally required.

Terms such as “best,” “expert,” “peace of mind,” “partner,” “comprehensive” and
“personalized” are powerful and create emotion, but they also increase YOUR duty owed to the customer. While these terms accomplish their marketing goal, they are detrimental to the agency. The lift may not be worth the fall.

To help agents understand this important topic, the Big “I" Professional Liability Risk Management team created several helpful resources including a website wording guide, whitepaper and do's and don'ts overview flyer.

How to Minimize E&O Risk on Your Website

Attend the Agency Management Forum to learn more about this topic and other "how tos" of managing an agency.

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Cari Senefsky

Director of Professional Liability
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Angela Ford

Continuous Improvement Director