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Mornings with Marit Leadership Insights

Become the kind of person others want to follow.

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We all play a leadership role within our teams, whether you have the “title” or not. This webcast series with IIAT President & Executive Director Marit Peters is designed to provide leadership concepts and techniques that anyone can use.

For one-on-one coaching or support for your leadership team, please reach out to Marit Peters at [email protected] to have a customized program developed.

Next Episode is Thu., Feb. 10 (10-11 AM) | Leadership Launch 2022

Now that the holidays and end-of-year are behind us, let’s kick-off the year with a leadership boost. Join Marit to set critical goals for 2022 and be introduced to some great leadership books you can put on your reading list.

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What's Catalyit and how can it maximize my agency? Steve Anderson chats with Marit about the new all-in-one agency tech solution. Also, Marit gives a preview of the 2022 Joe Vincent Management Seminar.

“Great leaders look outward. They look out at the competition, out at the future, and out at alternative routes forward.“ First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently,

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