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Specifically developed for P&C agents to better assist their commercial clients while adding revenue.

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Mortgage Protection & Underwriting for Personal Medical Underwriting Recording

Mortgage debt in the United States is $11.67 Trillion, this number is up almost a trillion dollars year over year, and mortgages make up 70% of consumer debt in America. This is why it is imperative you have the mortgage protection conversation with your clients. We will cover ways to approach the conversation with clients, a few strategies to make mortgage protection fit your client’s budget, and tricks to field underwriting.

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Master Medicare Enrollment

Learn how to create an additional revenue stream that will complement your current property and casualty business with less effort and consistent renewals. "No claims, no billing, more predictable renewals"

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Retirement Funding with Life Insurance

Add to agency revenue with a simple account rounding life insurance product. One flexible product for clients. Young or old, easy sales track, quality company, and big revenue opportunity.

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Business Owners Needs Cycle

Understanding the unique lifecycle of a business owner and how those correlates to the way you work with them, gaining insight into the different needs of a business depending on what stage they are in from brand new to well established, and learning about some valuable tools to help you start the conversation with your business owners.

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Estate Tax Planning with Tom Archer

Tom Archer, Chief Executive Officer at EMG Insurance Brokerage, chats with Gail Yantis about estate and gift taxes and the estate planning basics.

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Key Person Coverage

If you’re interested in how to have the “Key Person” conversation, how to qualify your clients, and how to provide a unique solution that sets YOU apart from the competition in the Property & Casualty world, join EMG and Protective Life for this quick virtual training.

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