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Texas Insurance Markets for Your Clients

Increase revenue by offering your customers additional choices with IIAT Advantage Markets

IIAT Advantage Markets can offer your agency direct access to standard admitted markets you might not otherwise get—and with competitive commissions and low production requirements. For new or small and midsize agencies especially, IIAT Advantage might be the key to expanding your business and accelerating your growth. And with all policies issued in your agency’s name, your customers will receive the protection and peace of mind they want.

“When I first started my Insurance Agency, the first thing I did was become a member of IIAT. I knew they would provide all the support I needed, including assistance with markets that I would not be able to access without their help.“ Sandra Godby, Godby Insurance Agency

IIAT’s team of seasoned professionals will mentor you along the way and help you choose the right markets.

Start by selecting a market you’re interested in learning more about…

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Lisa Webb

Director of Advantage Markets