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Electronic Signature - DocuSign

The Standard for e-Signature

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Did you know that DocuSign is used by 11 of the top 15 insurance carriers? DocuSign is the global standard for eSignature® and more than 40 million people around the world have DocuSigned. That's why the IIABA (the Big 'I') has endorsed DocuSign as the official electronic signature platform for our members.

Discover how you can benefit from DocuSign today

  • Accelerate revenue: Reduce the application process by weeks by eliminating faxing, mailing, printing and scanning - for you and your client. Invest your new-found time in expanding your business.
  • Reduce E&O exposure: Ensure documents are 100% in good order, by guiding applicants through the signing process so no fields, initials, or signatures are ever missed.
  • Delight clients: Give your clients the convenience to complete documents online in minutes, from any device. The ease of using DocuSign increases client satisfaction and retention.
  • Fits with your existing workflow: Complete applications, renewals, coverage forms and other documents, then submit the forms to your carriers or save a copy in your agency management system.

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Are you already using DocuSign? Great! DocuSign has developed a list of FAQs for you to share with your clients. Read on and feel free to share these to help explain why your agency is using e-signature.

I've just received an electronic document to sign.
Why don't you just send a printout?

Sending out our contract documents electronically means that we can spend less time making sure your paperwork is up to scratch, a more time on delivering our services to your business. No more printing, faxing, scanning, or posting, our customer transactions are now all digital. You will get a faster, easier contract process, which will be fully compliant and allow you complete visibility and control at all stages of the process.

What is an eSignature?

An eSignature, or electronic signature, is an electronic indication of intent to agree to or approve the contents of a document. There are multiple options for creating this electronic signature - you can use your mouse, upload a scanned image of your signature, or type in your name, and select a signature style to drop in.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is an eSignature solution. It allows us to deliver your paperwork digitally, prompt you for an eSignature, and then record all of the relevant transactions against your customer record. We have chosen DocuSign because it's a market-leading solution and it has great integration with

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Director of Advantage Markets
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Advantage Markets Coach