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This endorsed program offered through Kelsey National Corporation and underwritten by Security Life Insurance Company of America, is a comprehensive insurance plan designed to give IIAT members an affordable employee benefit.

It offers a dental and vision insurance plan or a dental only insurance plan that encourages all-important preventive care by paying generous benefits for eligible routine exams, teeth cleaning, x-rays and fluoride treatments. It also provides excellent benefits for eligible services people are most likely to face at one time or another such as fillings, oral surgery, root canal, periodontics, crowns, dentures and even children's orthodontics.


  • Available to firms that are IIAT members and their active, full-time employees working 30 hours or more per week; their legal spouses and unmarried children up to age 19 (or 25 if full-time students) not in the military.
  • Available to Commission-only employees and independent contractors if:
  • Actual commissions combined with any draw against commissions must equal at least 150 hours per month times the minimum wage, and
  • The employer verifies full-time status (30 hours or more hours per week) with the participating firm to Kelsey National.


Enrollment simply requires an Employer Application and completed enrollment cards for all eligible employees. Final acceptance of the group is subject to approval by the carrier.


Employee participation must equal 100% if employer pays the entire employee premium. If the plan is contributory then the requirements are as follows:

Eligible Employees

Participation Requirements




All but 1


75% eligible


  • Comprehensive preventive, basic, and major dental coverage
  • Choice of plans
  • Your choice of dental and vision providers
  • No health statements required

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