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We promote the value of independent insurance agencies to legislators, policymakers, and political leaders.

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The Texas Legislature regularly tweaks insurance rules, policies, and protocols. Some of these changes benefit independent insurance agencies; some threaten them. IIAT’s mission is to defeat bad bills and pass good bills into law.

It’s a simple goal that requires complex work. But our members’ input and our more than 120 years of experience continues to produce legislative success. Members further strengthen our legislative voice through donations to our PACs (IMPACT & InsurPac).

“IIAT fights for what is right and uses their knowledge and power to help independent agents and consumers.“ Gail Volkmann, CIC, Sr. Vice President, Insgroup, Inc.

A Straightforward Approach to Advocacy

Over the years, we have identified three things that account for our legislative success:

  1. We Build Authentic Relationships.

    We know insurance law inside and out. We know who writes the laws and who enforces them. We have built deep, ethical, and productive relationships with the people whose opinions can sway our industry.

  2. We Always Tell the Truth.

    Integrity is one of IIAT’s core values. We tell the truth, always, and we’ll never lie. We’re transparent and we speak frankly. When discussing our passion for this industry, it’s easy to do.

  3. We Listen.

    Our members define our legislative agenda. We talk with them every day, and we turn their insights into action. If you’re an independent insurance agent, let us know your thoughts. We’re proud to be your collective voice at the Capitol.

“IIAT was an important partner in getting the common-sense reforms in House Bill 1774 passed into law. With the help of independent agents, this legislation to end the blatant lawsuit abuse by storm-chasing lawyers passed both the House and Senate with overwhelming majorities.“ Richard J. Trabulsi, Chairman, Texans for Lawsuit Reform Board of Directors

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Regan Ellmer

Director of Government Affairs