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Maximize Agency Operations and Provide Added Products and Services for Clients

Electronic Signature - DocuSign

DocuSign is the global standard for eSignature® and more than 40 million people around the world have DocuSigned. That's why the IIABA (the Big 'I') has endorsed DocuSign as the official electronic signature platform for IIAT members.

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Online Insurance Payments - ePayPolicy

ePayPolicy was born out of the same need for convenience that brought about online banking. This simple service is being used by agencies and brokers across the country to collect ACH and credit card payments online in a single payment page. ePayPolicy is the simplest way for agencies to collect insurance payments online.

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Premium Finance - Imperial PFS

Imperial PFS offers Premium Finance Solutions for Agents and Insureds

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Banking - InsurBanc

InsurBanc is a full-service bank started by IIABA that is especially for agencies and their employees.

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SALT - Online auto and home applications

The solution to providing a faster, easier, and smarter way to close home and auto insurance sales.

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Staffing Solutions - WAHVE

Work At Home Vintage Employees (WAHVE) is a remote staffing solution that provides the highest quality, most innovative onshore remote staffing services to insurance agents, brokers and insurers.

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Employee Assessment - ZERORISK

ZERORISK Hiring System helps agencies evaluate job applicants' personal qualities with a fully validated, manipulation-proof assessment designed to measure emotional intelligence competencies.

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