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OPx Agency Certification Program

Optimize Excellence at Your Agency: Take Your Agency Beyond!

Building a Continuous Improvement Culture: Make This Your Competitive Advantage Now!

Taking the journey to build a LEAN culture will be a rewarding experience. Such a culture depends on these primary common characteristics:

  • Customer Focus
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Empowered Employees
  • Productivity
  • Simplicity
  • Constant Improvement

Hold your spot now, there are only 12 seats available.

The program includes:

4 in-person retreats

  • 4 in-person retreats
    • June 12, 1p - June 13, 3p
    • Sept. 18, 1p - Sept 19, 3p
    • The 3rd & 4th retreat dates will be determined by the class participants
  • Virtual Book Clubs & Sessions
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • In-depth Kolbe, Clifton Strengthsfinder and WHY.os practical applications, plus personality profiles
  • 1 customized in-agency visit from Marit Peters
  • 3-4 book clubs based on the group’s interest
  • Additional experts brought in to compliment learnings
  • Complimentary Joe Vincent Management Seminar 2024 (registration and graduation ceremony value $495)
  • Participation from key experts based on priorities of the participants

*Participation in all the retreats and sessions is required.

Program Results

  • A culture that will be your competitive advantage for the future
  • A vision & documented plan for your Agency
  • Definition of behaviors and accompanying exercises that reinforce the desired culture
  • High-level process-flow mapping and tools to continue process mapping across the company
  • Metrics development & alignment across the company
  • Dashboard/Visual Workgroup boards to use for measuring improvement
  • Baseline and measurement tool for workforce strength
  • Tools to implement to reinforce a continuous improvement culture

Retreat Outlines
(4th retreat is customized to class priorities)

June 12 & 13Sept 18 & 19Winter: Dec 4 & 5
  • Roll-Out Program Objectives
  • Define the Right Outcomes: Measurements & Expectations
  • Generate the Leadership Mindset
  • Vision, mission, goal alignment, core values, guiding principles, and brand
  • Focus on the Cultural Dynamics of the Agency
  • Measurement baselines
  • Understand Talents (Kolbe, Clifton Strengthsfinder, WHY.os)
  • Servant-leadership exercises
    Includes defining “continuous improvement” culture behaviors
  • Personalized goals and create focus
  • Learn Problem-Solving Tools / Dashboard Management
    • DMAIC
    • Root-Cause Analysis
    • Dashboard / Visual work group board model
  • Baseline behavioral expectations across company for values
  • Review Engagement Survey results
  • Understand team talents & strengths (Kolbe As, Bs, Cs)
  • Build models that reinforce structure & predictability
  • Reinforce tools & skill sets (focus on strengths)
  • See it come together
  • Share successes & challenges
  • Stay the course
  • Continue Measuring
  • Maintain structure & predictability
  • Build & reinforce continuous improvement tools (problem-solving)
  • Build plans to finalize goals for 2024
  • Practice tools with your core team members

Interested in OPx? Please provide your contact information below:

“OPx has been transformational for our organization by helping us ensure each team member is in the right role and by teaching us to intentionally build our culture. We now have the best team we've had in years, and each person is functioning in their sweet spot. Consequently, we're achieving our goals more effectively and with greater ease. Marit and the OPx curriculum has been a catalyst moving us toward a brighter future.“ Jacob Eisenrich, MD, Weatherby-Eisenrich, Inc.

To Become Recognized as an OPx Master Agency, at the end of the program you will:

  • Demonstrate proof agency is using the tools and measuring results
  • Present a tour/virtual tour of agency adoption of tools
  • Build 2024 Key Goals
  • Prepare an annual Plan of Action
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Marit Peters

President & Executive Director

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