Hire, Train, and Retain the Next Generation of Insurance Professionals.

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IIAT has partnered with insurance recruiting specialist Questpro to help IIAT members hire, train and retain the next generation of insurance professionals. 

It’s estimated that 25% of the insurance industry is eligible to retire by 2018, leaving thousands of positions vacant. Companies, schools and students have become increasingly aware of the need for one another. Questpro is a liaison between industry professionals and students nationwide.

IIAT members get a 5% discount on Questpro hiring services!

A portion of the service fee will be donated to ELITExas.

Contact Taylor Jones at Questpro for more information.
972.502.9934 | elite@questpro.com

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Why Questpro?

Questpro has made connections with schools across the country and has paid close attention to the needs and wants of millennials. Questpro can offer millennials the roles that they want and deliver the talent that agencies need.

  • They Understand Millennials – They have more diverse talents and are tech savvy. The students require new techniques to recruit and retain them. Questpro recruiters work exclusively with this group, enabling them to fully understand what attracts and motivates the graduates.

  • They’ve Got Connections – Questpro has positioned itself among 125+ colleges and universities across the nation. Through these relationships, they are able market to students at career fairs, networking events, and classroom workshops.

  • They’ve Got You Covered – The Questpro team conducts a detailed screening process, consisting of video interviews and skills-based assessments, which will leave you knowing that all of your requirements are met.

  • They Offer Temp-To-Hire – Questpro’s QTemps division saves you the time and effort of searching for temps, as well as relieves you from the liability of all employer-related federal and state requirements. This is perfect for upcoming projects, peak excess workloads, onboarding new clients, and if you want to “try before you buy."

  • They’ve Got All Levels – Questpro has you covered from recent college grads to an experienced professional all the way to a CEO. Their QExecs division can provide you with highly-qualified contract executives to infuse your company with the knowledge and skills necessary to move forward, while guiding and training the next wave of workers. If you are in a crisis and a high level executive left a big hole, Quespro’s QExecs can save the day!

Did You Know?

  • By 2020, all Baby Boomers will be 65 or older
  • Baby Boomers account for 31% of the workforce
  • Millennials will make up 50% of workforce by 2020
  • The average age in the insurance industry is in the late 50’s
  • Full retirement age, as determined by the SSA, is 66 for this entire generation
  • Nearly 50% of the industry’s workforce will retire in the next 15 years

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