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8 Ways to Hire Faster In a Candidate’s Market

We’ve heard it again and again from clients over the last year. Competition for top talent is tougher than ever before. Many employers are going up against big box retailers like Amazon and Walmart in the battle for employees. So to stay on track, it’s more important than ever before to hire quickly.

CareerPlug's recommendation is to aim to make your hires within 10 days of posting a job.

But in order to be successful in your recruitment, it’s important to recall that the quality of your hires still matters even if you speed up the hiring process. Remember, a bad hire can cost you 30% of that employee’s first-year salary, so rushing into hiring the wrong person may carry more risk than its worth.

In 2023, it’s still a candidate’s market – meaning that job seekers have the opportunity to be selective in where they work. So how do businesses that need to hire fast do so in this kind of a job market? We’ve outlined eight helpful tips to get you hiring faster and more effectively.

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