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Introducing TME Travel Insurance: The Ultimate Travel Companion for Your Clients

We are excited to announce the latest addition to the IIAT Advantage Markets program – TME Travel Insurance. Designed to provide peace of mind for travelers, TME Travel Insurance offers comprehensive coverage that ensures your customers’ journeys are protected from unexpected hiccups.

Good news! If you are enrolled in the Mexico Tourist Auto program through IIAT Advantage Markets, you already have access to the TME Travel Insurance. If you'd like to get access to either program, please contact us.

A One-Stop Solution for All Your Clients’ Travel Insurance Needs

Instead of juggling multiple policies from airlines, cruise lines, and various providers, clients can now streamline their coverage into a single, comprehensive policy underwritten by Nationwide.

Plan Features

  • Comprehensive Trip Protection-Cancellation Coverage
  • Available to U.S. Residents Traveling Both Domestically and Internationally
  • Allows for Trip Costs Up to $100,000 Per Traveler*
  • Available for Travelers Up to Age 100
  • COVID is Covered as Any Other Illness
  • Provides Coverage For a Single Trip Up to a Maximum of 90 Days*
  • The popular Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage option and optional Rental Car Damage coverage is also available on the Elite plan.

*Limits and availability may vary based on plan selected and length of trip.

Coverage plans include many benefits and different limits to choose from to meet everyone’s budget without sacrificing.

Download brochure for more details.

Your customers are buying travel insurance. You should be the one selling it.

Earn 15% commission.

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Travel Insurance Explained Webinar - 1CE

Attend a webinar hosted by TME Travel Insurance to learn about travel insurance consumer trends, policy types, key coverages & the claims process.

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Lisa Webb

Director of Advantage Markets
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Neil Kapelka

Advantage Markets Coach