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Watch Now: How to Turn Your Customers into Lifelong Advocates

Did you miss the Agency Management Forum, or do you want to share one of the sessions with your coworkers? Recordings of all five Agency Management Forum Sessions are available on-demand.

In her fantastic presentation, "Creating Superfans: How to Turn Your Customers into Lifelong Advocates," customer experience guru Brittany Hodack discusses the importance of creating a memorable customer experience and utilizing technology to enhance business operations in the insurance industry.

Key Topic & Takeaways:

  • Focus on Customer Experience: Brittany emphasized the importance of customer experience over mere customer service.
  • Creating Superfans: Strategies for turning customers into superfans, who then act as advocates for the business.
  • Customer Experience in the Insurance Industry: Insight into making the insurance process more customer-centric.
  • Super Model Framework: Introduction of the 'SUPER' model (Start with your story, Understand your customer story, Personalize, Exceed expectations, Repeat) to enhance customer experience.
  • Challenges in Insurance: Discussion on the difficulties faced by insurance agents, especially in a competitive and evolving market.
  • Strategies for Engagement: Techniques for engaging with clients, particularly through claims and empathetic communication
  • Leveraging Technology and AI: Utilizing AI and high-tech solutions to improve efficiency and customer experience.

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