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What's Your Agency's True Value? IIAT and Agency Focus Can Help You Find Out

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If you're an agency owner, your agency is likely your life’s work and your largest single asset. In order to best protect you, your agency and your agency’s future, it's important to know your agency’s value.

Knowing the value, and more importantly, what drives the value of your agency, provides you with the information to build a plan for your agency today and into the future. Without a plan, your agency, your staff, your clients and all that you have worked hard to build is at risk

Top 4 Reasons Why Agency Owners Don't Know Their Agency's Value

89% of agency owners do NOT know their Fair Market Value

  1. They're inaccurately calculating their agency's value by using a multiple of their revenue.

    “I already know my multiple. It’s 1.5 - 2x revenue.”

    “I know another agent got 2.5x revenue, so that is what my value is too.”

    "I see the multiples in the headlines, and I’m counting on that.”

  2. It's time consuming

    “I don’t have the time.”

  3. They think they don't need to know the value yet

    “I’m not ready to leave yet.”

    “I have no idea what I am going to do next.”

  4. Fear of knowing

    “What if my value is not what I think it should be?”

    “Once I start this conversation, it feels like the beginning of the end, and I’m not ready.”

Find out the value of your agency.

Your value will be calculated as a multiple of EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization), not a multiple of revenue. You'll see why this holistic approach is important and how you can leverage this knowledge to plan for your agency, grow and compete in the changing insurance marketplace.

IIAT & AgencyFocus can help.

Get a Fair Market Value Report for your agency.

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Carey Wallace

Agency Finance and Valuation Consultant