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Reminder: Go Vote on May 24th

Go vote this week! Early voting started Monday, May 16 for the primary runoff and runs through Friday, May 20. This runoff election covers local races and 48 state races including 7 statewide, 2 senate, 23 house, 12 congressional, and 4 SBOE.

IIAT is financially supporting several of these candidates through its political action committee, IMPACT. If you would like to learn which candidates in your area we are supporting, please contact Lee Loftis or Regan Ellmer.

Thanks to those of you who voted in the March primary election! Most of the candidates running for office nailed down their party’s nomination in March, but 40 races were undecided in the primary because no candidate received 50+% to win outright.

Make an IMPACT

Help IIAT’s Government Affairs team build and maintain strong relationships with politicians who write and pass these bills.


Contact Regan Ellmer at 512.493.2454.

NOTE: The Texas Ethics Commission has strict prohibitions on contributions and expenditures and forbids a corporation or labor organization from making a political contribution or political expenditure. Therefore, IIAT members wishing to make a contribution to IMPACT must do so with a personal or partnership contribution. Corporate contributions are prohibited by law.

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Regan Ellmer

Director of Government Affairs