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The RLI PUP program provides the best protection for the insured and their family.

Stand-alone Personal Umbrella Program through RLI Insurance Co.

The IIAT Advantage program offers a competitive standard market for stand-alone personal umbrella policies. It is a perfect solution for hard to place personal lines accounts. The program is administered in Texas by IIAT and underwritten by RLI Insurance Co., rated "A+" (Excellent) IX by A. M. Best.

A RLI Personal Umbrella Policy provides an extra layer of very affordable liabilty protection for your clients' personal assets and future earnings.

  • $1, $2, $3 and $5 million liability limits are offered
  • Broad underwriting guidelines allow insureds to qualify easily
  • 12% commission for both new and renewal business
  • Easy self-underwriting application
  • Easy online quoting
  • Competitive premiums with no cumbersome rate calculations
  • No underwriting requirements on carriers providing underlying coverages
  • New Business policies issued electronically as soon as account is bound by IIAT
  • Renewals are direct billed
  • No minimum production quotas are required

Download: RLI vs. the Competition

Contact the RLI Support Team

Contact our RLI account manager Todd Broz for support, questions, requests to bind, and more. Or call Todd at 512-279-4711.

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Todd Broz

RLI Account Manager
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Director of Advantage Markets