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IIAT Staffing Update: Gomez Joins Advantage Team as RLI Account Manager, Copeland Transitions to E&O Team as Customer Service Rep

IIAT is excited to announce staffing updates to the Advantage Markets and E&O teams. Connie Gomez has joined the IIAT Advantage team as an Advantage Market Support Specialist & RLI Account Manager. Many IIAT members may already know Connie from her years serving in IIAT’s education department as the Education Coordinator since 2018. In her new role, Connie will support the Advantage Markets team by assisting IIAT members with enrollment into the Advantage Markets programs. Connie will also be the primary contact for the RLI Umbrella and In Home Business Program.

Connie will be taking over RLI duties from Cortney Copeland, who recently transitioned to the IIAT E&O team full-time where she now serves as an E&O Customer Service Rep. Cortney joined IIAT in 2017 as a receptionist and started managing the RLI book of business in 2018. In her new role, Cortney will assist the E&O Team with policy renewals and provide customer service to E&O clients.

“We’re thrilled that Connie and Cortney have accepted these roles. They’ve both demonstrated great dedication to fulfilling IIAT’s mission and know the industry and our members very well. They will continue to be valuable resources for members needing assistance with markets and E&O,” said Director of Advantage Markets Lisa Webb.

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Connie Gomez

E&O Advocate
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Cortney Copeland

E&O Customer Service Rep